Wednesday, December 26, 2012

TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition: Update to a Great Calculator

Hey guys,

I wanted to talk to you guys about this new piece of technology called the TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition calculator.  This calculator is a new update to its predecessor TI 84 Plus Silver Edition.  The calculator has a color screen with a 320 x 240 px resolution.  It's also a rechargeable calculator with more memory.  Supposedly, it's about 2 MB more than the TI 84 Plus SE calculator with face-plates still being used.  Hopefully, they will have those "rare" calculators like the Blaze and all Blue calculators that were somewhat hard to find.  I hope Texas Instruments creates an app that allows you to customize the UI of the calculator, check its battery percentage, and more.  There are so many ideas I have for this calculator and I hope I can show you guys what I will be working on.  Maybe Texas Instruments is already ahead of me with the app idea and the calculator itself. I will try to create drawings in Auto-CAD and Inventor of what I want to do with this calculator.  Thanks guys for reading my blog and I hope you will read my next post.


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