Saturday, January 19, 2013

Updates to TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition Calculator

Hey guys,

I decided to bring up one of the best calculators that will be available in the spring.  The TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition calculator will incorporate TI BASIC programming that will be a little bit more advanced than before.  The command lines will look a little different and new functions (I think, but not sure) will be on this calculator.  Hopefully, TI is incorporating some color functions, or at least RGB, when making programs.  There will be a rechargeable port for the device and who knows if I can make certain .mp3 or .mp4 songs available on the calculator.  Maybe TI should incorporate some Objective-C programming to make a UI on the Home Screen similar to the Casio fxCG20, where mobile apps could be available on TI calculators.  Maybe TI should redesign the apps that are more appealing to eye.  I would say make it look like apps on an iPhone or Android device when it comes to the app's layout.  That would make more people "jailbreak" or "root" their TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition calculator! Anyway, thank you guys for reading and leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.  I will see you guys next time!



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